Welcome to Collectibles NY!!

Welcome to Collectibles NY. We hope to be your new favorite place to buy sell trade or discuss many different collectible items from all genres. A real collectibles buyer and seller for people who live in NYC, LONG ISLAND, THE FIVE BOROUGHS, UPSTATE or even national. We are professional resellers who make our cash living for real what you see on TV on shows like American Pickers, Storage Wars and barter kings.

We buy the following items

Action Figures
Comics (pre 1989)
Sports Cards
Autographs (certified or raw)
Snap-on Tools

Video Games and accessories
Movie Memorabilia
Random Collectibles



As the weeks go on we will bring you interesting tales and articles about the amazing and rare items we find. Our blog will cover many of our fellow collectors and other interesting tales from the industry that has to do with collectibles. Here at collectibles NY we are trying to build a community and most importantly connect buyers with sellers who want to buy.

We are going to be adding many guides to some of the many rare collectible items we have bought and sold previously. When we first started many of these items were difficult to appraise. We hope to save you the time and trial and error involved in internet research for scarce or hard to locate collectible items. You ill find it is not that easy to find people willing to help you when you start out. That is where we come in. Collectibles NY is there to help!

We will be adding a forum and a classified section in the near future. If you would like to make any suggestions, business propositions or comments you can contact us anytime. We welcome feedback and interaction with our posts and community.

Collectibles NY Buy Sell Discuss Appraise!


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