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There is no shortage of ways to go if you need to sell Collectibles in NY, especially not with technology available today. So one thing that hasn’t changed is the best way to sell a couple of things is usually to do it yourself. Now on the other hand if you have a larger collection with significant value there is also no shortage of bad vendors, short sellers and low ballers out there looking to gain as much value as possible. Anyone trying to purchase your stuff outright has an inherent conflict of interest; they want to get your things as cheap as possible. They have one job and that is to use their knowledge against you and make as much money as possible.

If you have something worth protecting why would you approach its sale any differently then you would with a house or land or business? You need someone to represent YOUR best interests. Our company was born to solve this exact problem. We have a different service model that guarantees you will get a better return then ANYONE else offering to purchase your items can give you. We will put it in writing! While our NY location is not currently open to the public our flagship property provides service in the greater NY area from the City to Upstate New York we got your back!

Our team deals in over 100 genres of collectible items and have been selling $1,000,000 a year since 2013. Don’t make a mistake with what could be a valuable asset it pays to be sure and we can help you to know if what you have is top shelf collectible or just run of the mill. We only except inquiries on larger lots.

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