Sell vintage baseball cards in NY

Sell vintage baseball cards in NY

Vintage baseball cards are some of our hottest and most appreciable items at Collectibles NY. Everyone wants them! If you want to sell vintage baseball cards in NY, you have several different choices. A lot of people sell on Ebay. This way is usually fast, but it is risky. It can end up taking a long time to sell your baseball cards for what they are worth, and if you put them in an auction you might get a lot less than what they are worth. Some people go to a dealer or a retail shop. This is also risky because the store owner is likely to offer you a low price and convince you that your cards are not worth very much. They’re likely to say things like “kids today don’t want vintage stuff,” and then they turn around and sell your cards for many times more than what they paid you.

The best way to sell vintage baseball cards in NY is to contact a reliable collectibles specialist such as Collectibles NY. We will give you a full and transparent appraisal based on the current market value, and you will be able to see exactly what your cards are worth and how much we hope to resell them for. We offer 50%-70% of the current market value of your baseball cards, which is higher than any dealer will. We also handle consignment so you can get max value for your cards with minimum work.

We are a professional consignment and appraisal company. Collectibles NY has lots of experience selling valuable collectible items for top dollar, either through direct buying or through consignment. We handle toy collections, doll collections, antique items, and many other sorts of collectible. Contact us today via email or through the form at the bottom of the page. You will hear back usually within 12 hours.

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