Sell a Toy Collection in NY

Sell a Toy Collection in NY

Need to sell a toy collection in NY? We are a collectible base company who understands your collection. We will advise the best way to move forward to selling your items. Can’t come to us, no problem, we do onsite appraisals in the NY, NJ, PA and CT areas.

Who doesn’t remember their first Barbie or GI Joe, often people will start to collect various toys to reminisce with their youth. Collections range from action figures, video games, cars and car related toys, trains, dolls and other different genres of collectibles; that are as different as people’s personalities can be.

Kids go to college, appliances break, when the times are tough, sometimes you need to liquidate a collection, and we understand every situation. We value your needs and collection with the same respect we would want to be treated with. We make having to sell a toy collection in NY, NJ, PA and CT as stress free as possible.

We are known to always offer 20-30% higher than our competitors, especially on a large or valuable collection. We are also reputable in the fact that whether you have a single piece or 1000 piece collection, we take the time to understand your feelings. We can get you top dollar, or a quick dollar depending on your unique circumstances and situations.


Items that we are known to purchase:


Action figures

TV related memorabilia and toys

Diecast vehicles in all scales

Lionel Train and Other Model RR

Slot Cars and related


Transporting your collection is taken with the same gentle manner as one would hold a newborn baby; we understand both the value and sentimental value on each piece in your collection.

You may contact us via email, the form on the bottom of the page or by our phone number listed on the home page.

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