Sell Lladros in NY

Sell Lladros in NY

If you are interested in collecting figurines, then you should be aware of the high prestige that Lladros figurines have. The exquisite quality of these figurines is due to the tightly guarded trade secrets that surround the way the figurines are made. You can identify a Lladros statue by the markings on the base. These have various trademarks and symbols which collectibles experts use to date each piece. There is a number on the bottom of each figurine that indicates the mold that was used, and the figurines also have names both in English and in Spanish. Lladros figurines are a great investment because even new figurines hold their value, while older and retired figurines can fetch very high prices due to being desirable to collectors. Of course, you won’t get a high price if you try to sell your collection to someone who does not know the value of Lladros, does not know how to appraise your collection or determine its condition, or does not understand the price that the figurines can fetch. Older figurines especially are very delicate, so unbroken examples are quite rare.

If you want to sell Lladros in NY, Collectibles NY is the source that can help you! We are experts in this area and have bought and sold huge collections of figurines including Lladros, so we know its value. Our transparent appraisal system lets you know what the figurines are worth, and we offer 50%-70% of the market value – more than any other dealer will! We offer direct-buy and consignment services to help you sell Lladros in NY, and our friendly collectibles experts will help you determine which option is right for you. Contact us today by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, calling us, or emailing

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