Sell Lenox Figurines in NY

Sell Lenox Figurines in NY

Lenox is one of the most popularly collected brands, offering items in porcelain and crystal. Some Lenox items that can be found include wine glasses, dining sets, and other household goods. It is also possible to find many different collectible figurines, such as Disney characters, movie characters, cartoon, and holiday themed figurines. The 22k gold accents are some of the most easily recognizable characteristics of Lenox figurines. Before the invention of Ebay, prices were higher on Lenox figurines, but even today there are still many Lenox figurines that fetch high prices because they are retired, rare, or desirable for some other reason.

If you want to sell Lenox figurines in NY, Collectibles NY is your go-to place! We buy Lenox collectibles in large lots, as well as figurines from other manufacturers such as Lladros, Cybis, Hummel, and others. Another important thing to know if you want to sell Lenox figurines in NY is that pawn shops and other dealers will give you very low prices on your Lenox, or will underbid based on bulk prices. At Collectibles NY we look up the current market value of each individual figurine and base our bid prices on that. We offer higher prices than any other dealer or bulk buyer out there!

We are interested in buying your collection of Lenox figurines, and we also offer consignment services if you want to sell them yourself. Contact us with details about your collection and we will get back to you within about 12 hours. You can email us at, call us at (848) 260-0404 during business hours, or simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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