Sell Bisque dolls in NY

Sell Bisque dolls in NY

Doll collectors know how valuable French and German Bisque dolls are. You can get thousands of dollars for certain rare models! Bisque dolls were popular between 1960 and World War II, and their beautiful faces can be found in many antique stores. Of course, similar china dolls are still being made today, but their craftsmanship does not even come close to the craftsmanship of the French and German Masters. Genuine Bisque dolls are fragile, and are therefore extremely rare. If you want to sell Bisque dolls in NY, we are interested in many different makers, including:

  • Kestner JDK
  • Kammer Reinhardt
  • Simon and Halbig
  • Otto Reincke Reinke
  • Armand Marseille
  • Fulmer
  • Jumeau
  • And more!

When you decide to sell Bisque dolls in NY, it is important to find someone who understands the dolls and can tell the value of your collection. At Collectibles NY, we specialize in collectibles and all sorts of dolls, from antique to vintage to modern. We will give you a full appraisal and a fair offer for your dolls, for consignment or to buy outright. We will even travel to you! We are well known and respected in NY for purchasing large collections of rare dolls, and we offer the best prices around. Many dealers only offer 30% of the market value for valuable collectibles, but we pay you between 50% and 70% of what we will sell them for. Contact us today via the form below, via email at, or by phone at the number listed on the bar to the left. We will get back with you usually within 12 hours. Remember, we are your bisque doll specialists at Collectibles NY!

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