Sell Baseball Cards in NY


Sell Baseball Cards in NY

We got our start in the collectibles business buying and selling baseball cards. We like singles and collections and deal in vintage and some select modern baseball cards. We also buy collections consisting of autographs as well. Should you make the decision that you need to sell baseball cards in NY please get in touch with us. We pay very competitively and can give you the personal attention you deserve when selling your collection.

We do provide a variety of appraisal services for baseball card and related collections. We base our findings on existing sales data aggregate from multiple sources of recent sale. We have the knowledge to determine whether you would want to sell the collection off raw and ungraded or take the extra step to send them away for grading. We will even invest and pay for grading if you cannot! We use a combination of experience and market specific data when looking at the correct way to handle your collection.

We provide a variety of consignment and cash advance services as well. If you need to sell baseball cards in NY we always provide a great option to handle the sale on your behalf. We love what we do and have a deep love of collecting baseball cards. We never insult with lowball offers. We can value you cards against auction, retail or private sale settings. We take your satisfaction very seriously and are poised to strike out the competition! If you need to sell baseball cards in NY than reach out to us today!

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