The Collectibles NY Quick Guide to Hummel Figurines

Goebel or M.I Hummel figurines date back to the early 1930s. There have been many subsequent issue editions of Hummel. The edition of the Hummel can be found by the differing makers marks. We have provided a quick guide to the markings below


There will be other markings on your figurines. Many will have a year which is indicative of the original release year of the figurine. There will be other markings such as roman numerals. I, II, III or 2/0 3/0. These are indicative of size. The largest Goebels are the rarest ones and usually the highest value. There is not much difference in the pricing of 1956 to present in the current market. The 1st editions are the most valuable and there seems to be a healthy desire for editions 2 and 3 as well. They can get from 10-20% additional. There are artist signed editions that are very desirable as well for collectors.

The standard figurines vary greatly in value. Some of the rare standard ones are:

  • The Umbrella Boy
  • The Umbrella Girl
  • Heavenly Watch
  • Stormy Weather


Heavenly Watch HummelHummel Umbrella Boy & GirlStormy Weather Hummel

There are many others but these are some of the most desirable Hummel figurines. Prior to the rise of the internet or eBay era these were worth roughly 5x what they are today. This causes many collectors to not want to sell their collection but there value is unlikely to bounce back to pre-ebay levels anytime soon. The condition of a Hummel is important to its value. Any cracks or chips will prune 50% off the value of your piece. You will see a 10-20% depreciation for crazing on the base or figurine.  Crazing is fairly common on marking 3-5. It is widely accepted there was a flaw in the mixture during those production years. The plates and bells ornaments and other decoratives are of nominal value.

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