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The Best Way to Sell Collectibles in NY

                ]         There is no shortage of ways to go if you need to sell Collectibles in NY, especially not with technology available today. So one thing that hasn’t changed is the best way to sell a couple of things is usually to do

What kind of collectibles make for a good investment?

We recently devoted an article to defining investment collectibles. Please view the article here

Pennsylvania facing site now open

We are pleased to announce the opening of the third website in our growing regional network. Please feel free to visit us at COLLECTIBLES PA Pennsylvania

Sell Collectibles in New York – Who are we?

Sell Collectibles in New York   Conveniently located in NY, we are a professional resale and consignment company with the lowest pricing around and the fastest turnaround times. You can sell large lots with us, and we are primarily bulk buyers, but if you have small lots for sale we will travel locally. We can

Collectibles as Speculative investments

Posted originally by Collectible Kevin on our parent site Collectibles NJ Today I have decided to talk a little bit about the business side of buying and selling collectibles. To start lets define what quantifies a collectible as a speculative investment and how people make money with them. Arbitrage: This is the process of taking

The Collectibles NY Quick Guide to Hummel Figurines

Goebel or M.I Hummel figurines date back to the early 1930s. There have been many subsequent issue editions of Hummel. The edition of the Hummel can be found by the differing makers marks. We have provided a quick guide to the markings below There will be other markings on your figurines. Many will have a